Monday, May 25, 2009


Hello, everyone.  My name is Cecilia Scott, and I am part of a team of MIT students that will be working at the African Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (ACREST) near Mbouda in Cameroon this summer.  I will be setting up a microfinance program for renewable energy technologies produced at ACREST and distributed within the surrounding villages.  Currently, I am studying abroad at Sciences Po in Paris.

But enough about me.  On to ACREST's current news...

Today, a group of students from Purdue University in the United States left ACREST after a weeklong visit with their professor.  The purpose of their trip was to explore the possibility of a long-term partnership between Purdue University and ACREST.  In the near future, engineering students will be coming to ACREST to conduct research on low-cost vehicles for rural areas.  Above are pictures of the Purdue students and ACREST staff members in action.

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